Greetings. I am Chunk (a.k.a. The Woodcutter) and I am the admin of I've been working on this site since the first week of December 2018 (about a month) and my mission is to build a functional website for the hardcore techno people. Also including other music, but themed around the style of music I've been listening to for 15 years and love.

I'm an aspiring web developer and system administrator. My specialties include programming with Linux, graphic design, choice music and the english language. So though I may cripple my use of the language let it be known I am educated. I also love to ride freestyle bmx and play a nerdy computer game called Astro Empires. I am pro, legitimately, and have been playing it for 9 years approximately. I coin the phrase, "Hardcore and space games!" is an interesting story. It's actually a prologue to a grand idea that could take a few different heads. I am not known for great planning so any and all feedback is appreciated, if it's honest, and this site I would like to be founded on users as much as my own one man's input. So grab a coffee, fluff your pillows and maybe warn the neighbor's.

As the developer, owner and admin of I am bringing you my introduction and some news. So here it goes:

This week I would like to have the primary functions of the contact/support page involving support tickets. That way I can include the first step towards accepting offers for anyone wishing to contribute to our playlist (miniblog). That's this week's goal and I may also get the time to include a good chunk of the user activities and expressions such as profiles. I have been working diligently and thanks for the feedback on the posts. There will eventually be simple comments on posts if anyone becomes interested in engaging in the media here.

I am from western Canada I am an audiophile and computing hobbyist. These are the things I really enjoy as well as I have some really fun ideas for expanding on the XMPP protocol and using it for this site, in a creative new way, and wishing any and all music people be welcome to join the chat. I have a chatbox addiction, I won't lie!

Now that we're acquainted I hope you enjoy the design, function and any vision of a future for At any time you wish to contribute, give feedback or would like help making use of the site please don't hesitate to email me at Pretty soon it will be available to have other folks adding their input and posting to the site so don't be a stranger!