Q: What is XMPP?
A: It is a chat protocol (Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol). Protocol meaning that it's a software standard that has allowed the creation of a huge community of servers (that are 'federated') and users. There are servers that host (usually on port 5222 for clients) an XMPP group chats and some are available globally using just one JID! So when you show up you should try to find other people in group chats; XMPP realm is a public circle of multiple users chatting at once.

In case you don't understand the terminology a client is software that will receive the data to you in an interface. Federated means that XMPP is totally de-centralized in nature so that no single entity claims power over it such as with certain web services where there's a head figure company or main leader, director, in order to conduct use of the service. So many people host their own XMPP servers and XMPP servers will talk server to server on your behalf of your local JID (Jabber ID) and where that is hosted. So I (JID: chunk@hardteckno.com) can join a multi user chat that is hosted on another domain and server elsewhere. Thus allowing 'federation' of users and servers.

That is called federation when you can use a JID across many different servers. Our server includes federation, meaning it's public.

Q: What's a JID?
A: A Jabber ID. Jabber is the old XMPP chat protocol form and XMPP is the new one but it still uses some terms of Jabber in their places. So a JID looks a lot like an email address and is used to address and identify you in the XMPP realm. When logging into your client you are either asked for a 'username@hostname.tld' or you are asked to put your 'username' in one box and your 'hostname.tld' in another box.

Q: Where is this service hosted?
A: We're hosted in SØLID GØLD, CΛNΛDΛ

Q: What is the goal or reason of this service?
A: To provide a place for people to chat as well as allow people to have an XMPP/Jabber ID and use the XMPP chats around the world. This site is intended for anybody who likes to chat on the web as well as any and all hard electronic fans looking for community on the web.

Q: Can I invite my friends?
A: Absolutely! Please share with your friends! You can copy this link: xmpp:partyfolk@chat.hardteckno.com?join but as long as your friends can use it, otherwise feel free to share our website address.

Q: Is there somebody I can contact if I have an issue?
A: The webmaster @hardteckno.com using email or JID: chunk@hardteckno.com

Q: What does this have to do with hard techno?
A: The theme and the dreams! A challenge as well :D

Only HardCore!